An AITD is a Win/Win - Sell your Home & its Mortgage!

Tax-smart wealth

J. Edward Mc Clements, ChFC, MSFS, CLU  


  • Over 35 years of Real Estate and Financial Planning Experience

  • CRMLS for the past 10 years shows 265 MLS Recorded Transactions
  • ChFC - Charter Financial Consultant – Degree in 1984
  • MSFS – Master of Science in Financial Services – Master Degree in 1984
  • CLU – Charter Life Underwriter – Degree 1968
  • General Manager – Professional Real Estate Investment & Financial Planning Group
  • Author of Free EBook “Home $weet Home”-explaining IRC: 121 up to $500,000 Tax-Free on Home sale
  • Specialist in Training First Time Buyers, Families and Investors in Gaining Wealth by buying their Home
  • Tax Specialist in establishing Self-Directed-Real Estate IRA’s
  • Specialist in Short Sales, Loan Modification, and Foreclosure – AITD: ALTERNATIVES
  • Life Member Million Dollar Roundtable
  • National Leader in Employee Benefits 1975 to 1984 – John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance
  • Co-Founder of Dana Point Community Bank
  • Creator of – Ministry on the Book of Proverbs
  • Dir. Cause Marketing & Student Funds –
  • Married to Carol, father of 4 & grandfather of 10, now living in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Our Realty Team includes: Carol and 3 daughters (Kelly, Mary and Katherine) are all Real Estate Agents.

We have a Buyer for your Home, who will:

1. Pay-Off Your NOD

2. Take-Over your Current Mortgage. 

3. Save your Family's Credit so that you can buy a Home in 1 year or less. (You need the Home Tax Deduction & Appreciation!)

O.C. has a 42 yr Average Home Appreciation 8.57% per year!

What is an AITD? - All Inclusive Trust Deed
"Pass-it-on Mortgage" 

A Buyer can purchase your Home and its current Mortgage. The first step is to prevent the foreclosure on your home by paying off the N.O.D. (Notice of Default) amount on your property. At that time an escrow is opened which will sell your home to the Buyer at the full current fair market value. 

If the sales price is more than the current mortgage balance and property transfer cost your family will receive a 2nd Trust Deed at a current market interest which is paid to your family each month as new income. The 2nd TD is usually for 3 to 5 yrs.

A third party Escrow firm handles the property transfer and the Buyer makes one payment each month which includes the mortgage, taxes, HOA fees, insurance and the interest payment that is paid monthly to your Family.

An AITD can immediately stop the Foreclosure or Short Sale which will damage your family's credit for 2 to 5 yrs.

If the buyer is a Real Estate Investor, you may choose to stay in your home as a tenant. If you had Net-Equity, the interest on your 2nd TD can be applied to your monthly lease payment.


An AITD will help the Seller become an Owner again in 1 year or less.

Leasing instead of Buying will cost the Average Family - $50,000 per year!

In Over-Paid Taxes and Loss Appreciation!


1. No Tax Deductions for a Mortgage Payment & Real Estate Taxes. (Home owners get the IRS to pay 30%+ of their Mortgage & R.E. Tax payments.)

2. No Tax-Free Appreciation on the home you are leasing - 2013 - OC properties increased 21% in value.


Buyer Advantages of an AITD - 

1. No Loans fees or apprasial fees.

2. No Bank approval, Credit Scores or Proof of Income.

3. The assumed mortgage is not listed on your personal financial statement.

4. Total AITD purchase is completed in 30 days or less.

5. If your purchase is for an Income Property, the Sellers may choose to lease back the property which means no needed upgrades or vacancy time. The lease may include a re-purchase option for the sellers.

6. As a Buyer of a Home that is now in Pre-Foreclosure, you are saving the current Family's Credit Score for the next 2 to 5 yrs.

7. Total Buyer's investment will average 10% of the purchase price of the property. A $500,000 home may be purchased with a $50,000 initial payment. 

8. The Highest Possible Financial Leverage on a Real Estate Investment! 

Based on the aveage 42 yr Appreciation for Southern California of 8+% and only a 10% initial payment results in an 80% return on your investment per year. 

A $1,000,000 investment can purchase $10,000,000 in Southern California Residential Real Estate!

A "Pre-Funded" Mortgage -
How to move from Home to Home with No Mortgage Payments -  

Many Families choose to use the large Tax-Free Profit from the sale of their 1st Home to Pre-Fund all the Mortgage Payments on their New Bigger Home.

For Example: 

A new Home that has an $800,000 Mortgage & 1.3% R. E, Taxes may have a total monthly payment of $5,000 per month, $60,000 per year.

The Pre-Funded Mortgage is accomplished by placing $120,000 of the proceeds from the sale on the first Home into a conservative Balance Mutual Fund with a systematic withdrawal feature of $5,000 automatically paying the mortgage and taxes for the next 2 years.  

The next 2 years the owner Leases the home at a rate covering the mortgage and Taxes each month before Harvesting Home their 2nd home. which then has 4 years of appreciation.

The owner has gone on to Home #3 and been there for the 2 year qualifying period and can repeat the above process.